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    Born in Greece. Since 2000 I live and work in UK.

    I take up and make use of a variety of mediums, which often merge, to explore abstract systems and material executions set in the practice of drawing. My research is principally practice led and studio based. A recurring question is how new technologies impact on previous processes, in particular within the practice of drawing and its methods of tracing and how we can interpret, analyse and reconstruct new meanings of authorship. Main research interests are drawing, the history and practice of tracing, systems of reproduction, failure and error, spatial thinking and motion/movement/kinetic, the semiotics of two-dimensional motion representations,  actionglyphs (the graphic motion supplements of comic books and animated films), more recently haptic and the liaison of drawing, mindfulness and well-being.

    Since 2014, I am a Lecturer in Art and Design, School of Design, University of Leeds.